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 Winterborne Herringston

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Herringston House, Winterborne Herringston, Dorset

Winterborne Herringston is one of a group of small villages and hamlets that lie along the course of the Winterborne River in South Dorset. Sometimes referred to just as Herringston, it was the ancient seat of the Harang/Hareng or Herring family. The family also held land and manors at Langton Herring and Chaldon Herring in Dorset, hence the addition of Herring to those village names.

Winterborne Herringston was once known as Winterborne Beauchamp after the family who originally held the manor prior to the Herrings. About 1243 the Abbot of Bindon, Robert, granted to Philip Hareng all the land and manor of Winterborne Beauchamp. In exchange Philip Hareng gave to the Abbot the land he held in Chaldon Herring.

Philip Harang held the manor of "Wynterborn Hareng" in 1269 when an exchange of lands was agreed between him and who is thought to be his mother, Emma, then wife of Bartholomew de Brigg. Philip Harang was granted land at Langton Herring in exchange for the Manor of Winterborne Herringston for the terms of the lives of Bartholomew and Emma. Philip Harang ultimately inherited both manors.

The manors remained tied within the family and just over a hundred years later, Sir Walter Hareng was granted licence from King Edward III to fortify his mansions with stone walls at both Langton Herring and Winterborne Herringston.

The descent of this manor continued through marriage to the Filiol family, along with that of Langton Herring and other lands formerly held by the Herring family. In 1438 a dispute had arisen between John Filiol, Lord of the Manor of Herringston and the dean of Exeter concerning the boundary with the parish of Winterborne Monkton. In particular, the common pasture of Winterborne Wast (Monkton) which John Filiol claimed as his right on his and his tenants behalf. They agreed that a bank should be built to serve as the boundary marker of the two manors. In 1449 John Hogies was granted a lease of the manor from John Filiol. By 1513 the manor of Winterborne Herringston was in the hands of the Williams family who also held Bridehead in Little Bredy. The Williams family by descent still held the manor in 1866.

The Manor House itself has been extensively rebuilt and redesigned over the centuries. John Williams, a grandson of the original purchaser, made alterations and additions in the early seventeenth century. Reading of the church service took place from the mid seventeenth century in a small family chapel within the grounds, until it was left to fall into decay. A major part of it was pulled down in the early nineteenth century and rebuilt in a different design.  The Manor House still stands today, resplendent in its isolation.


Winterborne Faringdon, the latter part of the name derived from the name of former landholders, also known at one time as Saint Germain's due to the dedication of the church that once stood here. It also occurs in old records as Winterborne Germain. It was once a parish, but became depopulated and the church was in ruins by 1648. It became united to the rectory of Winterborne Came in 1751. It lies just west of Winterborne Herringston and between that and Winterborne Came, a mile to the east.

During the reign of Henry VI Winterborne Faringdon was held by the Martin family of Athelhampton. Sir William Martin acquired it by his wife Isolda who was the daughter and heir of Thomas Farendon. It was subsequently purchased by the Meller (also known as Miller) family of Little Bredy who then sold it to John Damer of Ireland. The Damers went on to hold many lands across this part of Dorset, including some formerly held by the Herrings such as West Chaldon.

Cripton is a tything within Faringdon and consisting only of a small part of land within the farm at Faringdon.

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