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The parish and village of Broadmayne lies along both sides of the main A352 road between Warmwell Cross and Dorchester. The road here is known as Main Street. The parish boundaries are with West Knighton to the north, Whitcombe to the west, Warmwell to the east and Bincombe, Sutton Poyntz and Poxwell to the south.

Broadmayne anciently belonged to the Martel and Fitz-Herbert families, the former of which gave rise to name of Mayne Martel. During the reign of Henry VIII it was sold to the Talbot family and in the Visitation (of the Heralds) of Dorset in 1623, their pedigree is recorded beginning with William Talbot of Broad Maine alias Mayne Martin. This William had a son, also called William and he married Alice, the daughter of John Henning of Poxwell or Pokeswell as it was then spelt. Their son, another William took Honour, the daughter of William Tulse of Hinton, Hampshire as his second wife and produced two daughters and a son, William, who at the time of the Visitation was just 3 weeks old.

Even Hutchins in his 'History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset' did not discern the full descent of the Manor of Broadmayne after the Talbots. However, the patrons of the church usually being the Lord of the Manor, there is recorded, Robert Henning on the institution of Richard Harvey in 1639. In 1730 the patron was Robert Loder, gent and by 1753 it was Peter Maber of Evershot. About 1811 the Manor belonged to the Honourable Lionel Damer and William Samways when lands were enclosed and glebe lands set aside. Thereafter, the patrons of the church are the current rectors.

On the death of Lady Caroline Damer, wife of Lionel, the estate was sold to Thomas Billet and subsequently inherited by the wife of Augustus Foster of Warmwell. In 1862, Foster sold the manor to John Furmedge of Langdon near Beaminster along with a farm called Lower Farm which contained 122 acres. In the same year, John Furmedge also purchased an estate of about 60 acres from the representatives of the late Rev. Frederick Urquart, Rector of West Knighton. John Furmedge also owned the farm called Charlemont of approximately 270 acres, bequeathed to him by Edward Balston of Broadmayne. Furmedge also bought a farm called Talbots in 1857 from the trustees of William Talbot who died in 1836.

The Samways portion of the Manor, approximately 149 acres, passed down from William Samways to his nephew, William Samways Oke, M.D. of Southampton who held it in 1866. Thomas Sherren owned a farm here in the same year, of approximately 72 acres.

The church, dedicated to St. Martin occupies a site on a hill commanding a view over the village. Dating mainly from the late 13th century, it is built chiefly of Portland stone, with additions made in the 14th-16th centuries and a major restoration in 1865/6. The font dates from the 15th century and is made of Portland stone.

Several old buildings survive within the village and many are English Heritage listed. In Main Street, there is what was the Manor Farmhouse of the 17th century with various buildings belonging and another farmhouse across the road that dates from the late 16th century. There is also the former Church Farmhouse, built of rubble with a thatched roof, dating from late 17th century, standing opposite the church.

The old thatched farmhouse of Charlmont was destroyed by fire in the 1960s along with barns and other buildings close by. According to directories, this was the residence of Mr John Furmedge, Lord of the Manor of Broadmayne.

The surviving village pub is the Black Dog. A public house of that name has been here since at least 1851 when the landlord was Thomas Foot. There was formerly another pub in Main Street, the Compasses, though that was of a later date. Certainly it was established by 1875 when it is recorded in a trade directory, in the tenure of Charles Hyde who was also a butcher. This pub has gone in more recent times.


The more recent history of the parish and village cannot be done justice by this page alone. For more in-depth information there is an excellent website developed by the community of Broadmayne for the Millennium. Read some of the 'Views and Reflections' of the villagers, about the huge fire in 1966, the Old Forge with a lovely picture of how it was, and so much more: Broadmayne2000.co.uk (external link, will open in a new window)


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